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Weekend Photo: No Chihuahuas or Bichons!

This week’s Not a Good Sign comes from the always sharp-eyed Crissy, who was in the habit of snapping these photos long before this little blog was ever conceived. She spotted it at the Market City Pet’s Discount (yes, that punctuation annoys me too, but there’s a chance it’s accurate, so I’m leaving it alone) in Honolulu.

huge puppy sale

Thanks, Crissy, and keep them coming! And may you all have a HUGE weekend!

Weekend Photo: Stray Bullets

Stray BulletsThis weekend’s photo comes to us from one of those promotional event posters you see just about anywhere in Hawaii they’ll let you put one up (always a goldmine for material!). The problem here, as you can see, is that there is a bullet on every line, even though some of the items take up more than one line. The purpose of a bullet, I don’t have to tell you, is to distinguish one item in a list from the other items. When you have a bullet in front of every line of a multi-line item, you might as well not have any bullets at all, right?

This is probably not an error in not knowing what bullets are for, but in (a) not knowing how to use the bulleted-list tool in MS Word and (b) not caring enough to proofread and edit carefully.

As you probably know, when you’re using the bulleted-list tool in MS Word, you get a new bullet every time you hit the ENTER key. Multi-line items don’t usually present problems because of Word’s other useful pre-programmed functions, such as word-wrapping and margin-setting. However, in those times when a forced linebreak is required but NOT a new bullet, you can use SHIFT-ENTER instead of ENTER, and this will force the type to the next line without creating a new bullet! Give it a try!

–> Oh yeah. There’s also the use of Get Away where getaway is appropriate, and the rampant, unnecessary capitalization. Someone’s English teacher is tearing up right now.

* note: This works in just about all word processors I’ve tried in the past ten years.