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The Title of this Post is “Titles (part one)”

Some people say it can be difficult to remember the proper way to represent titles in written form. We’ll take the many variables a few at a time, and hopefully you’ll see a pattern. For now, let’s focus on the concept of BIG CONTAINERS and SMALL CONTENTS.

Think of some works as big containers that hold smaller parts. The Barry Manilow album Even Now is a big container that originally contained twelve songs, including “Copacabana” and “Can’t Smile Without You.” Notice that the container is italicized (or underlined, if you can’t use italics) while the smaller parts are put in quotation marks.

The Katherine Paterson novel Bridge to Terabithia is a big container that contains thirteen chapters bearing such titles as “The Golden Room” and “Easter.” The titles of the chapters are noted with quotation marks, while the novel that contains them is italicized (or underlined).

The title of a collection of poems (Mountain Interval by Robert Frost) is italicized, while the titles of the poems collected (“The Road Not Taken”) are put between quotation marks.

Yes. I know there are poems that are the length of a novel. Still, if you can keep this general guideline in mind, you should be okay. Big stuff: Italics. Small stuff contained in big stuff: Quotation marks.