DailyWritingTip.com is maintained and written by me, Mitchell K. Dwyer.  I’m a high-school English teacher in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Scrivener is an online handle I’ve gone by since my days on pre-World-Wide-Web bulletin board systems, inspired by Herman Melville’s Bartleby, a character from a story I’ve never liked.

The website is dedicated to helping people improve their writing, one small step at a time.  I believe that a conscious effort of even small (but regular) installments increases one’s writing-consciousness, and it is this kind of awareness that turns people into good writers.  Good editing is merely a knowledgeable attention to detail, and that kind of attention can be paid by people who spend just a few minutes every day actively thinking about language and its use.

Think of this:  When you see that your name is misspelled, it’s almost never because you actually recite the spelling to yourself as you check the letters in front of you.  Instead, because you are familiar with the way your name is supposed to look, you recognize a misspelling immediately.  Imagine what your writing might be like if you had that kind of familiarity with the conventions of good, clear writing!  No longer would you have to open up a grammar book and relearn the rules you once knew about commas and infinitives.  Instead, you’d read a sentence and recognize quickly that something about it was wrong.

That’s my goal for us all.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good deal. I am glad I found this site. Writing can be a very precise art. As communicators we all have a responsibility to communicate clearly and it starts with writing.

  2. From your “About” entry, should it be “relearn” or “re-learn”?

    Please include a section on the correct position and use of adverbs. That part of grammar is my Achilles Heel (well, truth be told, all parts are)! I hardly can wait for your reply (wink, wink).

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